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Our Work


HB in a nutshell

Our Company Mission To put it simply… to deliver creative, intelligent solutions that deliver above your expectation and requirements.

The Philosophy We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a fully integrated communication package. Providing you with original and distinctive images.

We Really Listen HB take the time to research your business and listen to your needs and requirements. With the years of experience we are able to ask the right questions to fully understand your brief. Our knowledge and design skills make us able to deliver the very best solutions to meet your communication requirements.

Let’s be honest, if there is a problem on a project, very rare but it can happen. HB are here to make sure that you, our client, are happy and so we bend over backwards to get your project back on track.

Very Approachable Because we’re small, it’s easy to be updated on the progress of a project.

We Really do Deliver On Projects We have a highly skilled pool of talented individuals and organisations that we work with. On large projects we pool our resources and deliver the best team of specialists for your project. Using a flexible team team like this means you save as we do not require a large team of full time staff.

We Love It We love what we do and we love to work with our clients. We love being part of your team and the reactions clients and businesses have to our work. It’s exciting to meet new people and create great things together.


What Client’s Say


Chief Executive, British BIDs and Joint Managing Director, Central Management Solutions
I have had the pleasure of working with Ian and HB Creativity for many years. Together we have collaborated on many projects, from enhancing Kingston Town Centre to developing many Business Improvement Districts around the country and our own British BIDs.

HB Creativity have consistently delivered on time and within budget. When setting up my business Partnership Solutions I would only work with HB creativity to build our design style for ourselves and our clients. Ian is an expert in Graphic and web design. He has evolved the design and style in line with modern technology and our growing business. He maintains excellent standards of customer service and often goes above and beyond to help us. I am constantly impressed by the service and design work they deliver. I would recommend HB Creativity to all business’s large or small.

Royal Borough of Kingston
I have worked with Harkness Browne for many years and found them to always deliver fresh creative work, on time and on budget.  They are reliable, trustworthy and they somehow seem to surpass expectations with every project.  I would happily recommend them.
Team London Bridge
I’ve worked with Ian on many different projects from websites, to electronic invites, to designed and printed brochures. The great thing about the way he works is that he really understands the type of ‘look’ and finished product required from the client and sets out his suggestions accordingly. He delivers on time and to budget and is a really friendly person to work with. I highly recommend him!
Kingston First
I have worked with Ian on several projects while at Kingstonfirst. Even after over 5 years, Kingstonfirst are still utilising Ian’s original digital creations.

The inspiration behind HB

HB is headed up by myself, Ian Browne, a strategic, multi-disciplined graphic designer and art director, with more than 20 years’ experience. I was born in Cornwall, but spent my early years traveling the world experiencing different cultures. I’ve an honours degree in graphic design and have clocked up a wealth of skills and experience working in award-winning design studios and world-renowned agencies. This includes a key role at Hardwerken Design, an agency at the forefront of Dutch advertising and design, where I earned my stripes on clients such as Royal Dutch PTT Telecom, ABV, Rotterdam Theatre, and Dutch Breweries.


Solutions for all shapes and sizes

HB works with every size of business. Each project is treated individually and given the same care and attention, no matter how big or small your brand. In the past we’ve designed and developed graphics, advertising, and user-friendly web and mobile solutions for a wide variety of clients, such as blue chip companies, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), entrepreneurs and design agencies.

Some of our small clients only require a small amount of input from us. Whilst larger organisations come to us to solve more complex briefs, such as graphics databases, e-commerce, intranets or microsites. We value all of our clients in exactly the same way. Whatever your budget, HB will present you with the best quality solutions.

HB : Creativity across the board


Our work with you

When you work with HB, you can be sure your brief will be rewarded with innovative solutions, delivered on time and within budget. How we do this is simple: we work closely with you at every stage of your project.

• First, we’ll talk about creating a design concept, budget and deadlines, keeping everything transparent, so that there are no misunderstandings or conceptions.

• Next, we’ll craft a design idea that will become a talking point among your competitors and create a buzz among your customers. You can be sure, your ideas and thoughts will be heard throughout this process, so that you get the best solution possible.

• We’ll also project manage everything, giving you a crystal clear idea of what you’ll get, where, when and how. And of course, your input is more than welcome at every stage of the process.

For every individual project, I’ll personally pick the right creative specialists to see it through. We will then work together collaboratively; you become part of us, and we’ll mutually enhance the reputation and perception of your businesses.


How about those tricky words “We have a tight budget”

We all have budgets and we all want to get as much value and quality from ours as possible. HB is the ideal choice for making your budget go further. Come to us and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that a large agency can offer, without the massive overheads, space-age offices or unnecessary staff. We are flexible and create the perfect team for each project. With HB your budget will simply go towards creativity and design skills.

Our Happy Clients

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