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Company Background:
British BIDs lead the way in the development, management, renewal and evolution of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Britain.

BIDs are business-led partnerships focused on improving and enhancing commercial areas including town and city centres, commercial locations and industrial estates. The company is a privately owned member organisation.  The company lists every BID in Great Britain and presents all the details and documents for each BID. They run events, training courses and professional BID services. British BIDs provide very detailed information about BIDs and are the go to source of information.

The Challenge:
With such a large website (around 800 pages) there is significant amount of data, so our usability and architecture research was going to be key. Our key objective was to present all the information as clearly as possible and to make it easy to navigate.

We created very detailed site architecture for every area of the website and this developed into wireframes of each page layout. At this stage our work was off line making sure that user experience and usability worked impeccably. The key pages of the site  followed from the usability research and the wireframe layouts. Once all these tasks were achieved we created the final designs and development of the site.

As the site was so large we created a “Personal Assistant’ for users. This is a simple one click personal page for each user. The page presents users with their favourite documents, bookmarked pages and follows events on their behalf. It saves time tracking through the website each time when they could go straight to their own assistant page.

With a custom made content management system the client can update the website as much as they wish. We continue to maintain this website on behalf of British BIDs and manage their hosting and server technical requirements.

Website Features:
Secure Member area for individual organisations including a large document and download area.
Personal Assistant
Document Centre
Membership Pages
Events Management
Customised Content Management System
Search Engine Optimisation
Web hosting
Server Management

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