Shopping Centre Promotional Campiagn

The Brief
The brief to promote the shopping centre to existing and new customers in researched key catchment areas.  To produce a series of posters and press adverts to promote the shopping centre. The posters ran around the centre and also on road side bus signs in the key catchment areas.

About the centre
Eden Walk Shopping Centre is located in the centre of Kingston upon Thames and amoungst other benefits, offers a large car park in a prime location.

Our Solution
The strap line’ Discover why everyone is in a flutter’ evokes excitement and stirs interest to busy, exciting shopping centre. This poster was to run in spring so the use of the butterflies added a seasonal feel. In the autumn we produced a clear and simple message’ ‘for great shopping and plentiful parking’. Part of the brief was to promote the convenient car park as well and the range of shops within the centre.  The background illustration shows shopping bags and cars flowing around in warm autumnal colours.

Project Details

Key Deliverables: