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ITTFA (International Tourism Trade Fair Association) is the professional organisation for the tourism trade around the world, the market place for each country to share knowledge and promote themselves. We won the pitch to rebrand and relaunch this organisation for the global market place. The sibling ETTFA (European Tourism Trade Fair Association) already had a reasonable representation around Europe and the aim was to raise the profile to a global audience and to increase membership.

The Challenge:
We designed the website to be clean and clear, making it easy for users to navigate the site. Visual elements, like the map of the globe made finding each member details easy. The call to join the organisation was prominent on all pages and the website significantly aided increased membership. There is a large members area with a forum, an extensive database of documents and each organisation has their own login area to customise their details and upload files, brand and exhibition details.

Website Features:
Secure Member area for individual organisations including a large document and download area. Web hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Customised Content Management System and Hosting

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