NHS Hospital Admission Books & Medical Logs

NHS hospital managers contacted us with a requirement for administration and ward admission books to keep details of patient notes.

The books need to be used for a year and would suffer heavy usage on a day to day basis. The books also needed to be tough enough survive in storage for up to 10 years.

We carefully selected a suitable high quality paper and we researched various binding methods tough enough to survive.
We can create each book in a different colour, this makes finding the correct book quick and easy. The contents are customised for each ward to meet their individual requirements., some books incorporate a different layout in the front and the back.

We have provided these books for many different hospitals around the country and for all departments.

HB tailors every book individually so you receive exactly what you require.

Design Features:
Customised admission books for hospitals. Each book has it’s own layout depending on the requirements and the number of patients to be allowed for.

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