Social Butterfly Brand Creation

Company Background:
Social Butterfly. A business start up we had the pleasure of working alongside as they launched their company. The concept was to create a range of unique designer ‘Mummy cards” perfect for mums to give to friends for when their children had play-dates. The cards could be personalised so they could include doctors contact details, allergies or the cards could just be used as personal business cards.

The company invited select designers and illustrators to create designs and layouts for each card. The typefaces were specially The personal card for all your friends and play dates

The Challenge:
To design and research the concept for a new brand. We embarked on lengthy research to create the logo and the name for this exciting new business. The analysis led us to a striking and strong design which would be flexible across all media. The logo could also eventually be used as an icon on garments.

Website Features:
Friendly personable design
Memorable standout design

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