WZO website

About WZO
World Zoroastrian Organisation. WZO is an International organisation with membership spread across 24 countries with its International Board of 33 members operating from 10 regions. WZO have charitable status in the UK, India, USA and New Zealand. Their dedicated charity work in many countries has aided many good causes.

The Brief
The client wanted to create a complete online community for the organisation which would encompass all the facilities they require. The design required clean architecture to encompass all the various features.

Convenient one click donations.
Charity membership is offered to members world wide and the payment is controlled through local currency payments.
There is a membership forum and guestbook.
Secure Newsletter download and an archive of past issues
News And Events pages with online payment for events.
Member area with all the Charity papers
Online store with DVD’s and books for sale.

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Project Details