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  • Tenderlawn Lawn Care Tenderlawn Lawn Care

    Tenderlawn Lawn Care

Tenderlawn Lawn Care

Tenderlawn lawn care is an established family owned and run business. They provide new turf, lawn care and garden services for business and residential properties.

The Challenge:
We created a website with a strong visual impact to catch visitors attention. Our clean design and imagery endorses the quality of their work. With all out websites we spent a a long time on the site architecture and wire frame designs.

On this exciting project HB designed this website from the ground up (no pun intended) and enjoyed the luxury of free reign on creativity.  We created a stylish and homely feel to their website. The design has improved their customer base and won them new clients.
We developed a hassle free quick call back for customers to get in touch.
A newsletter sign up to be kept in touch of their season tips and company offers.
Set up their Facebook page to allow for the latest news and tips to effortlessly feed into peoples hands.
We also tied in the feed onto the home page to promote visitors to sign up.
Checkatrade link to assure clients independently of their quality

Website Features:
E commerce
Quick quotes and call back
Facebook Integration
Email newsletter designs and sign up management

Web hosting
Search Engine Optimisation
Customised Content Management System

How can we help you?
If you would like to discuss your business, we don’t bite, contact us on 020 8288 7641 or why not request a quote.

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  • British BIDs Home
    British BIDs Website British BIDs Website

    British BIDs Website

British BIDs Website

Company Background:
British BIDs lead the way in the development, management, renewal and evolution of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Britain.

BIDs are business-led partnerships focused on improving and enhancing commercial areas including town and city centres, commercial locations and industrial estates. The company is a privately owned member organisation.  The company lists every BID in Great Britain and presents all the details and documents for each BID. They run events, training courses and professional BID services. British BIDs provide very detailed information about BIDs and are the go to source of information.

The Challenge:
With such a large website (around 800 pages) there is significant amount of data, so our usability and architecture research was going to be key. Our key objective was to present all the information as clearly as possible and to make it easy to navigate.

We created very detailed site architecture for every area of the website and this developed into wireframes of each page layout. At this stage our work was off line making sure that user experience and usability worked impeccably. The key pages of the site  followed from the usability research and the wireframe layouts. Once all these tasks were achieved we created the final designs and development of the site.

As the site was so large we created a “Personal Assistant’ for users. This is a simple one click personal page for each user. The page presents users with their favourite documents, bookmarked pages and follows events on their behalf. It saves time tracking through the website each time when they could go straight to their own assistant page.

With a custom made content management system the client can update the website as much as they wish. We continue to maintain this […]

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  • WZO home page.
    WZO website WZO website

    WZO website

WZO website

About WZO
World Zoroastrian Organisation. WZO is an International organisation with membership spread across 24 countries with its International Board of 33 members operating from 10 regions. WZO have charitable status in the UK, India, USA and New Zealand. Their dedicated charity work in many countries has aided many good causes.

The Brief
The client wanted to create a complete online community for the organisation which would encompass all the facilities they require. The design required clean architecture to encompass all the various features.

Convenient one click donations.
Charity membership is offered to members world wide and the payment is controlled through local currency payments.
There is a membership forum and guestbook.
Secure Newsletter download and an archive of past issues
News And Events pages with online payment for events.
Member area with all the Charity papers
Online store with DVD’s and books for sale.

How can we help you build a new website or update an existing site?
 Contact us for a friendly chat, we don’t bite, contact us on 020 8288 7641 or why not request a quote.

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